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The ability to communicate effectively and with impact is essential in business.
We provide training and learning which will enhance your performance immediately.

We live in a digital age. Yet, perversely, it has never been more important to be able to present impressively. Face-to-face communications will make or break a career. The ability to communicate effectively and with impact is essential in business.
From public speaking, to pitching, to boardroom behaviour – it’s a necessary skill. The ability to communicate about you, your organisation and your message. And do it with impact.
Embracing technology and making it work to enhance your communication skills is essential.  Too many people consider the best PowerPoint or Prezi to be one loaded with words.  But no one ever buys anything from the slides: they buy because of you and your message.
Maximising your offer in the digital world is vital too.  The most effective use of social media, enhancing and safeguarding corporate and individual reputations, is now a necessary part of the executive toolkit.

The corporate strategy must cover all bases. Digital tools available have expanded beyond the individual executive capability to interact with, and use, them effectively.  And face-to-face communication, to one or many, remains essential.

This online and practical learning covers the complete communications value chain.

Basic and Advanced Presentation Skills: to camera, to conference, to meeting, to pitch
Basic and Advanced Facilitation Skills: meeting, conference, workshop
Managing the Media: managing the message, managing the relationships
Reputation: personal, organisational, sectoral, national
Effective Communications Technology: social media, digital tools, messaging, tone of voice, virtual conferencing
Responsible Communications: personal and organisational ethics and values, creating your communications charter
Developing a strategy: who to communicate with, when, why and how
Young people need soft skills more than ever. Our active learning day delivers a unique, interactive experience which develops teamwork, communication and confidence.
The session sparks interest in new areas and will build skills that help prepare young people for their working life. Using media experiences this session delivers value for groups which number from eight people to eighty.

What We Offer

We provide corporate and individual training. All sessions are delivered in confidence.

We film your performance and analyse it, enabling you to enhance your impact immediately.


For Larger Groups

Typically organisations looking for a half or full day briefing for groups of ten to 100 or more.  This format provides insight and food for thought.  Individual executive training can be added to maximise the benefit.


For Smaller Groups

This format, for up to eight executives, creates the perfect balance between insight and practical experience.  Full and half day sessions are available.


Individual Personal Executive

Individuals who want to enhance their personal skills, develop a narrative or rehearse a crucial presentation will benefit from one-to-one sessions.


Individual Online Executive

Individual sessions can also be delivered online.

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If you would like to know more about the services we offer, or have any queries as to how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch!

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